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Mastering Photography Business Basics



In this course you will go from feeling like you're not good enough & questioning yourself. Dabbling as a hobbyists, in a few weeks to being your own boss and having a successful photography business. Over 2+ hours or jam packed knowledge, recommendations and guidance to never leave you hanging. Giving you exactly what you need to uplevel your business in just 30 minutes a week for 5 weeks.


You spend late nights youtubing, watching people, googling, cheap or free education and putting yourself out there only to get crickets. Leaving you with no clue where to START. You want the freedom of working as your own boss and having a flexible schedule but are doubting you are good enough to run a business. You are scared to fail but so ready to make that leap of faith and run your own wildly successful business on your OWN!

The Starter's Guide to Turning Your Passion into Profit:

Aspire to click and cash? Our online course is exclusively designed for photography enthusiasts like you looking to transform passion into profit. Learn how to build a photography business from scratch, define your unique style, and attract your dream clients. Our course goes the extra mile by not just teaching you to take stunning photos but also shedding light on crucial business aspects often left unspoken. Embrace the art and business of photography with our online course asap! Dive in and discover how to make your passion turn into profit today!


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I am an ambitious & hard working mama who wants to help others, especially mamas + women create the business they dream of. The FREEDOM to be with their family while still running an empire-the end goal am I right?

I always want to serve others and my heart has always been INSPIRING & MOTIVATING others to reach their fullest potential. I think back when I was starting out and I created a course that I would have only dreamed of. A course that gave me the core principles in business and photography to get started, gave me easy to follow directions on how to get there and the motivation + knowledge to make me some money as quickly as possible! I'm the type of girl that gives you straightforward education, no fluff & wants to get to the point so you can start thriving ASAP!

I have been EXACTLY where you are and in your shoes not too long ago. I know what it’s like and I created this course with you in my mind every step along the way. I got your back 110% and I know this will truly change your life just like it changed mine! I've served over 75+ photographers and counting in this course and know how much it can change the game for you. Just know that I will always have your back, cheering you on and motivating you to reach your end goal and big dreams! YOU GOT THIS!

I cannot wait to meet you + squeeze you virtually in the Beginners Photography Course.

See you inside! xx





the reason behind it all


  • Worth $200: Covering basic camera functions
  • Worth $200: Guidance on creating a pricing guide
  • Worth $200: Targeting your dream clients
  • Worth $200: Exactly how to set up a business entity
  • Worh $200: Editing in Lightroom
  • Worth $150: Finding your why & motivation
  • Worth $150: Tailored support via what's app
  • VALUE OF: $1,300 priced at $497 for a limited time

What's included:

all the details

Lifetime access to all features and this NEVER expires & content never gets removed! You’re in for LIFE! So any future content that is updated + improved is yours for good, I got you covered!

5 modules 

lifetime access granted

bonus just for you

Plus as a bonus you’ll get a free module on finding your why & MOTIVATION to find that drive in you to make you truly unstoppable! Because we all need that kick in the butt sometimes! I got you covered!


Plus I don't just leave you hanging after the course I love to create a community with my students and open them up to opportunities. Such as invites to a personal meet up, in person workshop, associate jobs or even second shooter roles. I do my absolute best to extend the help even after your done with the course to motivate you to that next level!

3 easy steps to follow:

1.Reach out via email at or inquire via the book me page.
2.From there we will hop on a call and have a quick chat to make sure this course fits you perfectly and apply to be apart of this course!
3. If you're accepted you will register & get endless content as soon as you join!







"The course was GREAT! Very straightforward. Easy, clear and straight to the point. I learned how to use KELVIN - like OMG such a game changer. How to feel confident with my pricing. How to stand my ground and my confidence in myself. I mainly love how forward you were and vocal on things that no one else is willing to share! Also how honest you were! One hundred percent - I’ve already referred a friend and she’s so excited to get started. Keep motivating and inspiring the rest of us!”.


"Place your second review here. Something a little like...Chantelle made our wedding day. She is such a joy to be around and our photos are stunning"

Sarah & Albert

"Keep those reviews coming. Make sure they are quick, easy and interesting to read."

David & Charles

"Last but not least your show stopper! Make sure your clients know that you are the real deal and loved by your clients."

Clair and amanda

I had my daughter when I was 19 years old, I was a teen mom. I was working a job part time and going to school full time to get a business marketing degree. I remember everyday going to college and dropping off my sweet little baby with my parents. I didn’t have enough milk so I gave them what I could and left for college all day and then some days worked. I remember feeling like absolute CRAP. I felt terrible mom guilt.
 After having a baby everything changed, my priorities were different. I was no longer chasing a 9-5 that left me drained in the end. I was chasing time with my daughter, freedom to choose what I wanted to do with my days, financial freedom so I wasn’t stressed about bills and I could just be present with my family. So I made a promise to myself: if I got enough bookings as a mompreneur I’d drop out of college and become an entrepreneur full time. So I could choose my schedule, work when I wanted to and say yes to only jobs that aligned with me & my family. It didn’t take long as I was motivated and determined. 

I dropped out of college and became a full time mompreneur. That decision changed my ENTIRE LIFE. 7+ years later I’m now a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I photograph weddings around the world, take brand/marketing photos for business and teach all mompreneurs how to grow & scale a business while still being present in the things that matter the most.

Imagine working with clients you love, managing your business while on the go, and still have plenty of time for what truly matters - your life outside of work. Am I right?! It gave me the life & schedule to raise 3 little kids, be an amazing wifey & mama all while being present and growing my dream business simultaneously. 

It’s so rewarding and I want you to have the same freedom, time and passion creating your dream business.

it all start?


Every story, every moment, it’s your time to shine.

Here’s what makes my heart beat the hardest.


Level up 



what you recieve:

set up your successful business

confident in booking your dream clients

Identify & target your dream clients

Create more time & freedom in your biz

Gain more time & financial freedom 

who is this for:

This is for BOTH beginner photographers and photographers who have been in the game and are ready to UPLEVEL. Those who need help setting up their business legal name, getting insurance, setting up pricing, prompts, learning the basic functions of their camera + editing! Basically anyone needing guidance & encouragement to take their business to that next LEVEL this is made for YOU!

How long is the course:

what type of business:

You can go at your own pace so there's no rush. You have lifetime access to the entire course & all updates made ever.

There is over 2+ hours of content and if you dedicate just 30-40 minutes each week for 5 weeks you'll be completely done with the course are ready to THRIVE.

If you are a family, newborn, event, couple photographer etc. that is 100% OKAY! Because we are going over the basics and core fundamentals of business & photography. All education I teach can be applied into you and your business. My students use some of the knowledge today immediately and other pieces down the road. Take what serves you right now and apply these concepts!.

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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.