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Everyone says "create the life you love", but what about creating a business that you actually love?

If you expect others to invest in YOU, YOU have to invest in YOURSELF FIRST.
The dream business course to give you time freedom and financial freedom all while creating a business your actually passionate about and love.

WHAT's in store FOR YOU:


Building a business that you actually LOVE. Create a business that you're actually passionate about and gives you so much freedom, ability to create your own schedule, time and financial freedom to do what you want when you want. Not to mention work with your dream clients, share your passion all while still getting to live your dream life outside of work. It gave me the time and financial freedom to be an amazing wifey and mama to my 3 little kids. This course gives you the ability to love the business you build and still live your BEST life outside of work.

It’s so REWARDING and I want you to have the same freedom, satisfaction and joy creating your dream 6 figure business.

When I stopped trying to figure it out all on my own, I finally started:

Making 6 figures
Had 20K months 
Working with dream clients
Traveling the world
Clients that would book me for 7K+
Freedom to be an amazing mama & wife


Having financial freedom to share your passion while still making money
Having free time to live your best life, raise a family, travel the world.
Creating a schedule that works best for you & financial freedom.
Working with your dream clients and having an entire team working towards the business you've only dreamed of.



I wanted a six figure business WITHOUT sacrificing the big + small moments watching my kids grow up and nurturing my marriage. I thought to myself if I have to sacrifice endless time being away from my family I won't do it. It forced me to find the best shortcuts, time savers and builders in business all while having the six figure business I dreamed of-and now I can share that knowledge with you! I am an ambitious & hard working mama who wants to help others, especially mamas + women create the business they dream of. The FREEDOM to be with your family, travel or do whatever the heck you want while still running a thriving business-the ultimate end goal am I right?

Everyone talks about creating the life you love, but what about creating a business that you actually love? I want you to ask yourself: why did you create this business? What's working, whats not working? Where is your time actually going to? What do you actually enjoy doing in your business?

This course is a deep dive into creating a business that you actually LOVE. Stop dreading your business, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out and ready to give up. Start creating the business you dreamed of and give yourself back the time & financial freedom to never miss moments and opportunities again. This course gives you straightforward education, no fluff & wants to get to the point so you can start thriving ASAP!

I have been EXACTLY where you are and in your shoes not too long ago. I know what it’s like and I created this course with you in my mind every step along the way. I got your back 110% and I know this will truly change your life just like it changed mine! I've served over 75+ photographers and counting in this course and know how much it can change the game for you. Just know that I will always have your back, cheering you on and motivating you to reach your end goal and big dreams! YOU GOT THIS!

I cannot wait to meet you + squeeze you virtually in the Six Figure Photo Course!

See you inside! xx





the reason behind it all


  • Worth $200: Covering basic camera functions
  • Worth $200: Guidance on creating a pricing guide
  • Worth $200: Targeting your dream clients
  • Worth $200: Exactly how to set up a business entity
  • Worh $200: Editing in Lightroom
  • Worth $150: Finding your why & motivation
  • Worth $150: Tailored support via what's app
  • VALUE OF: $1,300 priced at $447 for a limited time
using code "BLACKFRIDAY" for November only

What's included:

all the details

Lifetime access to all features and this NEVER expires & content never gets removed! You’re in for LIFE! So any future content that is updated + improved is yours for good, I got you covered!

6 modules 

lifetime access granted

bonus just for you

Email templates to get booked by dream clients
Mastering HoneyBook to give you back endless time
What’s app support 
Tailored personal guidance via support


Plus I don't just leave you hanging after the course I love to create a community with my students and open them up to opportunities. Such as invites to a personal meet up, in person workshop, associate jobs or even second shooter roles. I do my absolute best to extend the help even after your done with the course to motivate you to that next level!

3 easy steps to follow:

1.Reach out via email at or inquire via the book me page.
2.From there we will hop on a call and have a quick chat to make sure this course fits you perfectly and apply to be apart of this course!
3. If you're accepted you will register & get endless content as soon as you join!







"I promise she is worth the investment over & over again. I would not NEARLY be as far in my business than I am today and that's because of HER. I've raved about Anela COUNTLESS TIMES because she is truly one of a kind!"

Lina price

"Place your second review here. Something a little like...Chantelle made our wedding day. She is such a joy to be around and our photos are stunning"

Sarah & Albert

"Keep those reviews coming. Make sure they are quick, easy and interesting to read."

David & Charles

"Last but not least your show stopper! Make sure your clients know that you are the real deal and loved by your clients."

Clair and amanda

I worked so dang hard to get to where I am today and it is all because I wanted to make my little fam proud of me! My hubby and kids are my complete reason why and why I CHASE MY DREAMS. I am an ambitious + hard working mama who wants to help others; especially mamas + women create the business they dream of. The FREEDOM to be with their family while still running an empire-the end goal am I right?!


It wasn’t that long ago that I STARTED BEING MY OWN BOSS at the age of 19. I started from being a drop out college student, new mom, tryna figure out how to work my freaking camera & start a business with no clue where to start at age 19. I took any work I could possibly find even it wasn't the right fit, left me in burnt out, overworked, confused what my future looked like and not sure how to do the juggling act with building a family & building a business at the SAME EXACT TIME. Safe to say I was confused, exhausted and trying to remember my priorities, my fam that means the MOST to me!

When I stopped trying to figure it out all on my own, I finally started:

Making 6 figures, 20K months, working with dream clients, traveling the world
and clients that would book me for 7K+. Plus the BIGGEST blessing: It gave me the life & schedule to raise 3 kids and be an amazing wifey. The ability to love what I do and still live the best life outside of work.

It’s so rewarding and I want you to have the same freedom, satisfaction and joy creating your dream 6 figure business.

I've been in your shoes before.

and biz hype girl!


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Here’s The Holy grail for your biz



photo course

if you don't joiN:



after this course you will HAVE:

  • You don't already have a business set up
  • You don't have a incoming flow of clients
  • Your still trying to nail down your editing style
  • You want to learn the basics
  • If you are a beginner and need the foundation first head to my Beginners Course
  • A set up game plan for success-chasing your wildest dreams!
  • Systems set up to have organization in your biz. Finding sanity finally!
  • Learning how to scale your biz + make your first or additional hires to your team
  • On track to make your first 6 figures!
  • Create a team that's working toward your goals & dreams!
  • Save you endless time so you can get back to your priorities & LIVING!
  • Do the tasks + jobs that you actually light you up & work with your DREAM clients!
  • Have financial freedom and more free time!
  • You could be leaving a lot of money on the table 
  • Constantly hustling on your own, exhausted and tired is the quickest way to burnout
  • Less flexibilty and free time to do the projects, jobs, opportunites that you actually LOVE and ENJOY
  • Sacrificing time with the people you LOVE, not being able to ever get that time back with them
  • You're tired of wasting time and want to scale your business faster!
  • You're trying to do it all on your own 
  • You want to get back to the things you love and stop dreading endless to do's in your biz
  • You're tired of burn out and exhaustion
  • You have big goals, but no plan or mentor to get you there faster & easier
  • Wanting your dream business without sacrificing financial freedom or time with the people you love


It's your turn to craft your dream business alongside your biz hype girl! Can't wait to cheer you on!

ready for 

your transformation?