WOW!!!! These two are insanely perfect together! Leila & Mark did me and my mentee a favor by hiking with us all the way up to this STUNNING waterfall to capture images while on a adventurous mentor session at Waimea Falls! I freaking LOVE being able to share my passion + education with other photographers and I got to do just that this evening!

As a mentor, I am able to show EXACTLY how I work with my clients, from the poses/prompts that I put them in, to the scenarios I have them act out and even how I communicate with them and make them feel totally comfortable before even shooting! There are SO MANY aspects that go into getting to know your couple better + being able to bring out raw moments!

As we got to the waterfall I showed my mentee what exactly I did step by step, went over my camera settings, how I shoot, interacting with the sweet couple and even played music to help set the vibe. I also allowed her to jump in and from what she learned apply that and interact with them as well. After wrapping up this session we hiked down and sat for our business chat + editing time, MY FAV!

I addressed her struggles and showed her ways she could turn that around to progress in these areas showing her she is sooo CAPABLE of taking this business full scale! We chatted about things like: pricing, communication, work-life balance, collaborations, how to target your dream clients and sooo much more!! This is probably my favorite part of ALL my mentor sessions. Being able to get to know how their business is really going and being able to help them improve in each and every way POSSIBLE! Then we went on to the editing part of the session. Wrapping up with showing her how to use the proper tools, step by step on how I edit and how I adjust my photos to fit a specific style. Through the whole thing she continued to tell me how INSPIRED she felt, how the knowledge I was able to share was mind blowing and helpful!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to pour my hearts into other fellow photographers. I am here for it! I wish when I first started out I had a mentor to coach me through things that I have absolutely NO clue about. It wouldn’t only have saved me a lot of time, but a lot of money as well! I urge you fellow photographers to invest into education and learning from others in the field who have been there, done that and can show you EXACTLY how it’s done. I am so grateful for Leila & Mark being the best models and taking part in the adventurous mentor session!

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Adventurous Mentor session | Waimea Falls


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