BRIDE GUIDE: Tips for the Best Wedding Photos

This bride guide serves as wedding tips for you to get the most out of your wedding planning and get the best wedding photos you could ever imagine. We’ll cover everything from ensuring you find the perfect photographer who clicks with your style to creating a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere on your big day. It’s all about capturing timeless photos that not only showcase the beauty of your love story but also reflect your unique personalities and the joy of your celebration. Let’s do this!!


Your wedding photographer isn’t just there to capture pretty pictures (though they’ll definitely do that too!). They’re your partner in creating a visual story of your love, a record of the joy and emotion of your special day. That’s why finding the right photographer is so important.

We believe in going above and beyond the click of the shutter. We’re a team born and raised in Hawaii, and we bring the Aloha spirit to everything we do. That means a stress-free, fun-filled experience from the moment you say “aloha” to the last goodbye. We’re all huge on positive energy, and if we vibe together, you know we’re a perfect fit to capture your love story.

With almost a decade of experience in the wedding industry, we’ve seen it all. We know how to anticipate the little moments, wrangle the big groups, and keep things flowing smoothly so you can relax and enjoy yourselves. We’re here to capture the genuine emotions, the laughter, the happy tears – all the things that make your wedding day uniquely yours.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a photographer, if you want a team who truly gets you and will create an unforgettable experience, then let’s chat! We can’t wait to hear about your dream wedding and see if we’re the perfect match to bring it to life.


Keeping it easy-peasy and stress-free, just for you to have THE MOST luxury & jaw-dropping photos on your wedding day! We’ll handle all the details, from wrangling timelines to scouting stunning locations. Imagine this: you focus on soaking in every moment with your love, while we capture the magic and transform it into timeless photos that will leave you speechless (and maybe inspire a few gasps from your guests!).


As I’ve said many times, lighting is so crucial, especially for photography. Wedding/Elopement days are often long but please consider the timing that you start and end your photos. Mid-Day is very harsh. So please consider indoor photos for getting ready, the ceremony at 4-5 PM, and then reception to follow at 5-9 PM. Photos that are taken mid-day at the peak of the sun will not look the same as sunset photos. However, we will absolutely work with whatever time frame you have.


If we’re able to sneak away for just a little bit after the ceremony for sunset photos as newlyweds, please do it! I highly consider getting a moment to capture you two after being just married, the best for photos, and just you two in all your feels!


Forget the drab hotel rooms! Natural light is the magic ingredient for stunning wedding photos, and AirBnBs often boast beautiful windows that flood the space with a soft, flattering glow. Say goodbye to harsh overhead lights and hello to a more natural, romantic ambiance. Plus, AirBnBs tend to have unique design elements and charming furniture that add a touch of personality to your photos. It’ll feel more like capturing your love story in a beautiful home, rather than a generic hotel room.


Allowing space in between your timeline so that way you have breathing room and not having to cram everything into our time together. I want to make sure you have space to enjoy the moment and don’t feel rushed at all!


The unexpected is expected especially during weddings/elopements. Just enjoy the moment and remember it’s all about you two and don’t stress the small details. Just embrace that things might not go as planned, timeline might be running late but it’s okay I’m here for you regardless!

Details are everything

To help us capture those picture-perfect getting-ready moments without delay, let’s create a clutter-free space! Curate a beautiful, calming space where you can focus on feeling your best while we document the excitement and anticipation. Tidy up any extra bags or clothes beforehand, and designate a corner for them throughout the day. This way, we can start capturing photos as soon as we arrive and ensure every detail of your getting-ready space complements the magic of your wedding day.


When it comes to your elopement or wedding day, a little preparation goes a long way. Here’s your secret weapon: backup options! Pack an extra pair of comfy shoes or slippers in case your heels get a little too fabulous for extended walking. Don’t forget a backup piece of jewelry, just in case of a clasp malfunction or earring mishap. These little lifesavers can ensure your day stays stress-free and picture-perfect, no matter what unexpected moments may arise.


My couples love to save on the small details like table decor, gifts, etc, and splurge on the things that matter the most to them and prioritize.


Consider me & my team your #1 HYPE GIRLS for your big day! I am laidback, adventurous, and open to what will make your day that much MORE special! I 100% believe in doing whatever the heck makes you happy on your Wedding/Elopement. Keeping things traditional or non-traditional, is totally your call! Me & my team are here to capture your story, love regardless and have a good ass time together, okay?


  • We will give you prompts, ideas, silly thoughts to re-enact in YOUR OWN WAY.
  • We will always strive to make you feel comfortable, natural, and authentic to yourself and love language.
  • We will be there every step of the way and if you have an idea in mind? I AM HERE FOR IT.

What not to expect

  • We will not stick you in awkward stagnant poses. Sure, I’ll get a few shots for Mom & Dad that are casual smiles, but we will not be standing like statues the entire time.
  • We will not force you to act in a way that you don’t naturally! If you are naturally a calm relaxed person, a bubbly person, or very energetic, we will tailor my prompts to you personally!
  • We will not turn down ideas. If you want to jump in the water or hike on your day? COUNT ME & MY TEAM IN! My couples are silly in their own ways and I LOVE IT!!! Remember, this is YOUR DAY


Me & my team take a very limited amount of couples, weddings & elopements because we pour our absolute heart & soul into each one of our couples, so reach out in advance to avoid disappointment.

We want to make sure we’re the right fit for each other – so as long as we vibe, count us in! I pride myself of being sought out years in advance so if you’d like us to capture your big day get in touch. Some couples reach out to us weeks in advance or a year in advance. Regardless, always shoot your shot for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! let’s make it happen!

This is exactly why we curated this bride guide to help you get the most out of your wedding planning and tips on how to get the best wedding photos possible.

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Love Letters from my Couples

“I’m absolutely sobbing. All of these are absolutely incredible. You and your team were everything and more. Thank you again for being so incredible. Justin and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts of capturing our special day. I CANNOT STOP CRYING, LAUGHING AND EVERY EMOTION in my body. This was INCREDIBLE, thank you so much for sharing!”

-Marissa & Justin’s Wedding

I hope this bride guide filled with tips and tricks for getting the best wedding photos served you in the best ways possible! Reach out to me HERE if you have any more questions!


BRIDE GUIDE: Tips for the Best Wedding Photos


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