What’s holding you back?!? I did a poll to see what exactly was holding back Couples from pulling the trigger on Couples or Wedding/Elopement session and the BIGGEST thing was money! I know it’s a tricky subject but it really doesn’t have to be!

I’m here to help ya get out of that sticky situation and first start off by saying, if there is a WILL there is a WAY!


If you prioritize BIG life moments like getting married or eloping, big moments that last a lifetime, and prioritize that, trust me you will find the means any way possible. In your Wedding/Elopement there are soooo many details that go into your day! Whether it is little things such as tablecloths, stands, signs, chairs and tables etc etc. And there is also big details in your day such as your venue, who’s going to marry you, your photographer, videographer etc etc. The smartest way to go about it all is to priortize what means the absolute MOST to you to cherish from your day?! What will stick out to you 10+ years from now?! If that means a fancy venue, then go for it! If it means splurging on a photographer to capture this once in a lifetime event then do the dang thing! Priortize, priortize, priortize. You can save money and DIY certain small aspects of your wedding to save some cash but you cannot replace the bigger jobs on your day that will truly last a lifetime.

Budgeting tips for wedding/elopement by Anela Benavides, Hawaii based photographer


Secondly, if you have a plan on how to navigate through it all, it WILL happen! My couples often book me anywhere from 9-12 months in advance (especially for Weddings). I also offer payment plans of 3-5 smaller payments that makes it waaay more doable! Each month a small amount is put away towards your Wedding Day so by the time your session comes around half a year or a year later you’ve completely paid it off! That way it hasn’t been a HUGE payment all at once!

Budgeting tips for wedding/elopement by Anela Benavides, Hawaii based photographer


Saving your money for your big day is CRUCIAL! Whether you are covering this expense by yourself or having help from parents, in laws and so forth! Being able to save money on your big day while still being able to enjoy it in your price range is something to consider. If you are planning a Destination Wedding/Elopement you can download apps such as Hopper or AirBnB! I personally use these and are great to save money instead of staying at a hotel and finding the cheapest flights to and from! Also apps to help you budget such as: Wedding Planner, Fudget, Wedding Countdown or even Splitwise! These will help you budget for your Wedding, put away money every so often and even are able to bill those contributing to your day such as parents/in laws to avoid the awkward request for money. There are a ton of resources to help you out and make this experience less stressful and more ENJOYABLE!


I often customize packages tailored specifically to my couples to fit their needs! Need more time? I got you! Need a second shooter? I have it covered! Adding on Engagements to your Wedding? I’m here for it! You can save by customizing your day or tailoring packages specific to your needs! Whether it is photos, makeup + hair, your dress or suit, tailor your day to how YOU want it and be confident in your decision!

Budgeting tips for wedding/elopement by Anela Benavides, Hawaii based photographer

I hope you found this helpful and gets you pumped to make your day the BEST DAY EVER that lives on!!!!! If you are booking your Wedding/Elopement for 2020 and want me to be your third wheel reach out early on as dates fill FAST!!! I am always here to help along the way and serving my couples the absolute BEST! Whether it be through helping them plan their big day, customizing fitting best to their needs and to support them along the way! I am here for it! Wishing all you lovers the best!


Budgeting tips for wedding/elopement by Anela Benavides, Hawaii based photographer

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Budgeting tips for planning a wedding/elopement

How to budget for your wedding/elopement


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