Cotton Wood Canyon, Utah Elopement. Adventuring with my family is probably one of my favorite parts of my job. This trip to Utah & then to Idaho was not only for my family but also I got to capture Lama & Stefany’s Elopement in Cottonwood Canyon while in Utah. I am 100% OBSESSED with couples looking to elope, just them two, and able to share that intimate moment together and the proof that they solidified their marriage? Were my PHOTOS!

As a photographer, I feel a HUGE sense of responsibility being the one and ONLY person capturing their big day and nailing it with that one shot that I am given! I reassure my couples throughout the ENTIRE process from start to finish. We scoped locations in Cottonwood Canyon, met up an hour before sunset, and explored through the mountains to find some SWEET spots to shoot at!

What really spoke to me was the fact that Lama & Stefany were down for any ideas. When we were driving through the mountains they told me, “where ever you want to stop and take photos just let us know we’ll jump out & follow”. This to me truly shows that my couples TRUST me as a photographer to take care of them + find the good spots for them! Reassured we found two AMAZING looks for their Elopement photos and was completely BLOWN AWAY by their willingness to explore in heels and dress shoes and not to mention in the freezing cold! Exploring with this couple and capturing their Elopement made my trip that much SWEETER!

After receiving their photos they also left me the kindest review and couldn’t help but share it: “We’ve worked with you a few times and you’re by far the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER we’ve had. Communication was simple and very responsive! 1 thing that really stood out to us was how comfortable you made us feel! We felt so NATURAL in front of the camera and not awkward at all. Thank you so much!”

I am so drawn to Elopements and getting that time spent with my couples to truly get to know them and their love story. I know this season is HUGE for Elopements and wanting to run away and just make it OFFICIAL. My advice TREAT YO SELF to things that mean the absolute MOST to you!!! Such as: location, officiant, photographer & videographer to capture the day and not to mention your DRESS + TUX! There are only a few things that are CRUCIAL for your Elopement so the few things that are splurge and priortize them high because it makes alllll the difference!

Now what ya waiting for?!!? Go check out this EPIC ELOPEMENT SESSION!


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Cotton Wood Canyon, Utah | Lama & Stefany Elopement Photos


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