WOW! This year has definitely been one for the books to say the very least! I wanted to do an end of the year recap on business, on life and just go over the blessings that have come thru my business that I started just 2 ½ years ago!

What a crazy beautiful journey it has been and I am so dang grateful for each and every aspect. This recap makes me remember all that life has brought me in just a matter of 12 months, but also where I’m headed. I can’t believe it’s coming to end but let’s do a recap to remember it ALL.


This year in total I have served over 80 couples from all around the world. I have served couples who have come from all different walks of life and different seasons of life as well. I have served couples getting engaged, newly weds, couples expecting a baby, 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary, I’ve even got to spent the best day of their lives with them on their Wedding/Elopement day. I feel so honored to be a part of these HUGE LIFE MOMENTS. The moments people look back on and cherish over and over again. The pictures that they see and cry when they remember that exact moment and how they felt years to come, those are the moments I live for.


Not only did I get to meet the most amazing couples but I got to travel to my lovers near and far. This year alone in 2019 I have been to Big Island, Maui, Las Vegas, New Zealand and Australia!!! Traveling is a huge thing on my bucket list and being able to hop on a plane and adventure is something I crave so deeply. With each new location bringing so much beauty and joy! Memories and photos that I cherish so much!


In 2019 I have added on and scaled my business immensely to serve my clients the absolute BEST. I have gotten very specific and created a niche for my business catering to only Couples + Weddings/Elopements. I have added on my amazing associate shooter who helps me photograph Weddings + Couples when I’m not available or out of town. I have hired my amazing assistant who takes on my blog post scheduling as well as my Pinterest management. I have also made my most recent hire for an in-house editor who takes on some of the workload. OH, LET’S NOT FORGET THE BEST ADD ON OF THE YEAR! My beautiful son Makoa was added into our life just a few months ago and has been the greatest + biggest blessing to our life recently!


This year has taught me so much, and has been the absolute biggest year of growing, expanding and broadening myself in EVERY ASPECT. I have come to learn where I thrive and what I pour my entire heart into. I value the places that I know I am best into and knowing where I thrive in an asset to serve others BEST. I thrive with lovers no matter the occasion: engagements, anniversary, weddings, elopements or want photos just BECAUSE. I make such deep connections with couples and have come to value all of the relationships and friendships I have made with my couples throughout this year. I thrive in adventure: running thru the botanical gardens with my couples, hiking thru the rain, finding insane waterfalls, riding the boat to a sandbar, and kicking back eating acai talking with my couples. These are some of my favorite memories with my couples that I have. I thrive in authentic moments: the candid moments of you two pushing each other in the water, the cuddles he gives you, the cute giggle she makes as she walks down the aisle. I thrive with all the lush greenery given to me, the beach when the sun is setting & of course my fav boho vibes!


OH YOU BEST BELIEVE WHEN I SAY 2020 IS GONNA BE A GOOD YEAR, IT’S GONNA BE A GOOD YEAR! ALL CAPS. YES! I have so much pulling at my heart, I have so much love and passion to give my clients, I have so much to offer and I am READY for that opportunity. In just this couple months alone I have bought new camera gear woop woop! I have purchased a desktop for work to be quicker at my turnaround time for editing, I am also currently in the works of NEW PRESETS TO LAUNCH IN 2020! Not to mention I have added on mentor sessions that are growing rapidly as we speak, educating new & upcoming photographers in every way possible. I have such BIG PLANS for 2020, I can’t share all the secret plans to grow but I know in my heart and feel that this will be a legendary year, I don’t doubt that, not one bit.

I just want to thank every single person that has followed me this far, that has rooted for me for the beginning, that has encouraged me or reached out to me. I have felt that and I am constantly growing and bettering myself for you! I cannot thank my lovers enough who I got to serve in 2019 and I AM READY to get this new year STARTED!!! THANK YOU FOR THE BEST YEAR YET! 2020 LET’S MAKE MOVES!


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