Hey guys it’s my little fam and I! I have been SO EXCITED for this pregnancy since the day I found out! It has been almost 3 years since I was pregnant. Having our 2nd baby on the way makes all of the nostalgic feelings just so REAL! My first trimester has been filled with my daughter trying to feed me when I couldn’t stomach to eat anything. Not to mention, my awesome husband giving me back massages and being sooo supportive along the way!
family with baby scans revealing the gender in Hawaii
I honestly can say as a mother I feel the most strongest, my most beautiful and the PROUDEST I have ever been when pregnant. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing when you are able to create a human being inside of your stomach and be able to carry and give life. It is the most special feeling for me and I embrace motherhood like no other. Family has ALWAYS been a huge priority to me and having a 2nd baby means that I am more proud to enter in another life and another lil human being into our family.
gender reveal in Hawaii
Me and my husband have been married for 2 years now and dating for about 3 years. I have been through literally EVERYTHING with him – the ups and downs. The poor college kid times to the steady family of soon to be 4. I have only loved him more with time, I could not have picked a better fitting father than my husband and I pray that our baby is half of the man he is. He has cured my late night cravings, protected my growing belly and has been super patient with me and my crazy mood swings and I thank him for that.
dad and daughter photo session in Hawaii revealing gender of the next baby on the way
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Let’s get to the GOOD STUFF. I am SO PUMPED to announce that we will be having a BABY BOY AS OF OCTOBER 2019!!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!!!!! I am about to be a mommy to a bay boy and I cannot be more excited, seriously! Me and my hubby received a call last week with the test results.
We went back and forth debating if we would have a HUGE party to find out the gender, or if we would invite everyone over to hear the phone call. It couldn’t have been any better than what we decided to do, OUR WAY. My hubby and I received the call from a receptionist who said “would you like to hear the results” and we said HECK YES without even thinking twice about it! In return she said, “you will be having a baby boy!”. My husband immediately jumped off the couch cheering and I was in total SHOCK! We hung up the phone and he embraced me and was crying at the news (‘: At that exact moment I was so utterly happy that we decided to find out privately just us two, full of tears and joy and being able to to feel everything with no distractions.
mother and daughter in Hawaii in a family session for a gender reveal
I am so happy to finally announce that I am soon to be mama to a baby boy! YAY!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU MY LITTLE BABE. xx

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