I’ve never taken photos at the Golden Gate Bridge IN MY LIFE.. until today! I’ve driven on it while passing it once in my life but never stopped to FULLY take it in. Let alone take photos there. This session was one for the BOOKS!!! I flew up to San Francisco California for a work trip with back to back sessions and my very last photo shoot ended with a BANG-you guessed it! This session with Elise & Dayton at the Golden Gate Bridge with this STUNNING couple celebrating their 2 year anniversary!

I have been dreaming of more travel on my heart but have always put it on pause! Once COVID happened I completely knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and get back to travelling, once able to of course! I flew up to San Francisco walked around the city, sightseeing, ate some yummy food and then drove out to the overlook to capture these GORGEOUS PHOTOS! That took my breath away!!

My top tips for travelling that served me the BEST is:

  1. WORKOUT + MOVE YOUR BODY: really helped me feel good and less jetlag
  2. PACK ON THE GO MEALS: Snacks, shakes little things to keep you going.
  3. UBEREATS: For late nights after working a long day uber eats saved my life to be able to deliver straight to my hotel!
  4. CONVENIENT HOTEL: In the middle of the city convenient walking place to and from locations
  5. CLOTHES: Change of clothes as the weather is constantly changing in SF and always bring a jacket!

As a local girl from Hawaii, I QUICKLY learned that I couldn’t wear slippers everywhere and needed something other than shorts and a tank top. Jackets and long sleeves are foreign to me so I got used to trying to keep warm and travelling always brings a new adventure, which I’m sooo grateful for!

Within just a few months I already have multiple trips plan and I am so dang excited to capture moments for lovers allll around the world. I am so grateful for Elise & Dayton capturing their intimate moments and anniversary. I am PUMPED for what the future holds during 2020 and making the absolute MOST of it! If you want to book a session in one of the locations I am travelling to check out my travel dates & get in contact!

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Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco Couples Session by Anela Benavides Photography. Includes posing inspiration for an outdoor couples session. Book your couples session and browse the blog for more inspiration

Golden Gate Bridge | San Fran Couples Session


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