How to find your DREAM CLEINTS:

WOW, I recently did a questionnaire on Instagram the #1 struggle of my fellow photographers was, “how find my dream clients”. So today I’m going to help you achieve that! First, let’s start with what are your dream clients and what does that exactly mean?

Your dream clients are those that your target market are and trying to reach! These ideal clients LOVE similar things that you do, you can both relate personally, they are the style/vibe you are going for and want the same things that you want! For me, my particular style is Bohemian laid back couples + adventurous souls that are down for WHATEVER! Whether it is an Elopement, Wedding or Couples session this is always what I try to ACHIEVE and who I try to SPEAK to.


1. So how do I find this perfect couple?

The REAL answer is they find YOU. If you are doing it right, they should be able to find you when doing the search to make their dreams really come true! My #1 tip for all photographers is POST WHAT YOU WANT TO SHOOT. If your ideal is boho. couples, that thrive on travel and always on adventurous hikes, do not post or share on your page couples that are stagnant with a very prom posed position in a ballroom. Guess what, they are NOT going to want to hire you if that’s all you got on Instagram. I know, I know. If you are starting out it’s often hard to get couples right off the bat that you LOVE and is your dream clients.

 I’ve been there before. I highly suggest putting 1-2 styled shoots together that is your DREAM couple/style/location so forth. You should have photos in your portfolio that speaks to those couples you’re looking for. Also, if you don’t ever want to shoot again in a ballroom with prom poses, please DON’T post them. If you genuinely do not enjoy it, don’t share that with others because in their head they think that’s your IDEAL client. Sure, it gives you less photos to post but once you get VERY SPECIFIC, on a niche those that are in that target market are going to want YOU!

                             BEST OAHU COUPLES PHOTOGRAPHER

2. How do I market towards them?

Ever heard that expression or saying, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket?” No really don’t put all your eggs in one basket, girl. If you are sitting back on Instagram saying I’m doing EVERYTHING I can. Why is my ideal clients not finding me?! Well, you need to be where your DREAM CLIENTS ARE. Let’s get reallll specific here. Again: my dream client is is boho + adventurous couples. These people love to hike, may love surfing, going to the beach is their thing, acai bowls definitely probably their jam if they’re a lot like me :’) The age group that is my ideal clients are 20’s to mid 30’s who are looking up things like “fitness” “travel” “adventurous” “best hikes or beaches” so forth. So I need to SHOW UP WHERE THEY ARE.

With my dream client given above they are most likely on Pinterest searching the best beaches, so I need to be there. They are probably on Instagram searching hikes or epic photos of hikes, I need to show up there. They might be on Facebook, looking for somewhere to rent a surfboard for the day, and guess what I NEED TO BE THERE. Do not solely rely on Instagram to push your work. You need to be utilizing all platforms and speaking to your ideal couples in every single way possible. Whether your dream client is on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, FB or more you best be SHOWING UP.


3. How do I turn that couple into an actual booked client?

This was a BIG deal in finding photographers struggles that were all too common. Okay, say you find this EPIC couple, they jump in your inbox their email is INSANELY perfect and they relate to yourself on sooooo many levels!!!!!!!!
GOOD! How do you keep them?! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, okay?! Be REAL. Screw professionalism (at least in this business world as a photographer). Be authentic! If you are jumping off your chair just reading their email and cannot stop doing a happy dance. TELL THEM. If you share a similar background story with them and reading their email made you want to cry, SHARE WITH THEM. If they are struggling finding the right photographer and thinking is this right?! I need help?! REASSURE THEM. They found you, now it is YOUR job to keep them.

(Mic drop)


With all honesty, it is hard to find someone we genuinely can relate to on social media where all seems like life is about perfect photos and none of the background behind that. Or trying to find someone that they genuinely can connect to and stay along for the ride even after their done with your “services”. If you are going to show up, show up as a friend, show up as a helping hand, show up as more than, “hey I’ve got pretty photos”. People crave MORE than just photos. They crave moments and authenticity so be that for them.

Show them your not a robot behind the camera and you genuinely care for them. I promise I you do so, they’ll be waiting to book you when their Wedding Date comes around. And after they get married they’ll continue to follow along your journey beyond needing your “services”. Because CONNECTION is everything in today’s world.

I hope this SPEAKS TO YOU and that is blog posts helps you get past any hurdles or obstacles that have been a burden. I am here to serve YOU. The best I can, showing up and being REAL. If there is something pulling on your heart or something you’re really struggling with today leave it in the comments below. I’m here for you cheering you on always!!!!!



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