How to Plan your Engagement Photoshoot. This blog post has been HIGHLY requested by both clients and/or photographers trying to decide what is the absolute BEST for couples planning their engagements, anniversary or just capturing the mundane moments! And let’s be real- for all my girls out there, this is about the HARDEST part of a photoshoot is planning all the keys aspects-AM I RIGHT!?! By the time you’re done reading this, you will have gotten an absolute clear idea on how to plan your next couples photoshoot and work with all key aspects to get STUNNING IMAGES!
My goal is for you and your love to feel confident, sexy and your absolute BEST in front of the camera!! I value you and your unique love story and showcasing that thru images is a BIG DEAL! So let’s get it right the first time around because we only have one shot and I want to nail it for ya! Use these tips on your couples if you are a photographer and for all my couples use these tips to plan your next photoshoot, woop woop! Let’s get this dang thing started!!!
GOAL: For location think of what would mean the absolute MOST to you!!!
Are you wanting to capture the beauty of Hawaii and the mountains + greenery?
Do you want to hang out at the beach and jump in the water?
Do you want the FULL EXPERIENCE and want to adventure on a hike + end the night off at sunset at the beach?!
PLAN: When picking your location first look at what your scenery inspo. is and that way planning around the location will be easier instead of working backwards. Pick your location FIRST with your photographer. When planning your session account for the time it will take to drive there and back. As well as if you have multiple locations + hiking account that time into your session and give or take for traffic in Hawaii because as a local I know first hand that Hawaii traffic is verrrrry unpredictable so always be early just in case!
GOAL: Sweet! You’ve picked your location now on to tailoring your outfits based on the location you choose. The goal is the STANDOUT & not BLEND into the background of your location. I will give you some suggestion of what looks best for couples-
WOMEN: A dress, romper, jumpsuit or even a top and jeans that are comfortable, functional to move it and compliments your love. The color palette you should be seeking: WARM MODERN COLORS such as maroon, deep blue, nudes, cream, mustard, dusty orange and more! Pick something that will stand out and is unique my absolute FAV as well is tropical designs for Hawaii, bohemian style and modern! These type of outfits STAND OUT!
MEN: Complimentary colors that go well with your love. I highly suggest always going with a neutral color ESPECIALLY if your love is wearing a bohemian or tropical design that has a lot more going on so you are the base! Two busy designs together do not look good, so always make sure one of you have a SOLID color. Color palette you should be seeking: tan, nude, cream, ivory, charcoal, navy blue, beige and black! I always suggest to have a collared shirt and either dress shorts or pants such as jeans, joggers or dress pants these all look great! Always try to complement each other and work together beforehand to find the best outfit!
3. LIGHTING: HOLY HECK THIS IS HUGE! If you don’t know by now let me tell you lighting is a HUGE aspect. You know those dreamy photos during golden hour that has you saying “I WANT THAT”. Welp, they are most likely taken during sunset/golden hour so best bet take your photoshoot around that specific time to get STUNNING images!
Here in Hawaii (as all other places in the world) the sun sets at different times in the year so I will give you a base depending on time of year you are booking!
Plan your shoots around the specific season and when sunset is that way you get AMAZING IMAGES + LIGHTING! If you are taking summer engagement photos and it sets at 7-7:20PM then possibly plan for 6:30-7:30PM that’s exactly what I would do to get the best type of photos for you and your love!
4. BEAUTIFY: If you are wanting to be all natural and embracing going bare face that is totally fine by me! You do you! If you want a little extra and need some hair + makeup to feel good in photos that’s totally okay as well! I want my couples to feel 100% themselves, no matter what!!!!
WOMEN: If you want hair + makeup I have some STUNNING HMUA I always recommend to my clients so feel free to reach out once booked and I send over a guide with alll the good details on who my go to local HMUA are! Hair & makeup is also SUPER helpful for the retouching/editing process. It makes a photographers job easier to not have to remove any blemishes and to completely the avoid the chance of having to pay an extra fee for additional touch-ups for retouching on hair, skin, etc. Just a heads up for ya!
MEN: For men it is best to have a clean shave and clean haircut 2-3 days BEFORE your photoshoot. The reason being is sometimes my clients will shave their head, fresh fade, or cleanly shaved face the SAME DAY of the photoshoot. When they show up you can tell their head or face is a different color than the other because you didn’t get to tan the place that is freshly shaved and you will look multiple colors, that isn’t good. Shave + get a haircut 2-3 days before give yourself to tan evenly and when it’s time for our shoot you and will look amazing!
5. EXTRA: Find what is UNIQUE to you and your love story. Something that you truly appreciate and resonate so much so that you want it showcased in your images and a part of your photoshoot, maybe that’s a lei po’o, haku, flower lei, earrings, favorite necklace or a ring handed down to you.
For men: Find something that resonates with you such as a necklace, bracelet, earrings, watches or a ring. Small details might not seem like a lot but in photos, they really stand out honestly. That watch on your wrist while holding her face is going to make a statement. Your favorite necklace that you ALWAYS wear is going to stand out in detailed shots. All of these are what makes up a special + intimate moment between you two!
I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPED ALL OF YOU. I have hundreds of couples I’ve served over my time as a photographer and each couple I get to guide along the way and first-hand show them the process of how to plan their epic photo shoot and what they can expect from me. I truly care about my couples and want to make sure you are in the absolute BEST hands and taken care of from START TO FINISH I got you covered. I hope these 5 suggestions for your next photoshoot helps A TON! I am here for you and take care of my clients and have their back 100% Whether you need me for your engagements, anniversary or capturing the mundane, I GOT YOU COVERED. Let’s do the dang thing!!


How to Plan your Engagement Photoshoot by Anela Benavides Photography. Includes posing inspiration for an outdoor couples session and engagement shoot planning tips. Book your couples session and browse the blog for more inspiration #couples #photography #couplesphotography #Hawaiiphotographer #tipsforphotographers

How to Plan your Engagement Photoshoot


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