The best day taking these Oahu Engagement Photos on the North Shore of Oahu! 

Imagine this: Standing in the water with my camera above my head taking photos of this amazingly gorgeous & genuine couple! HANDS DOWN one of the best experiences!!!!

Crysta & Tama had a unique idea for a photoshoot and wanted me to capture their time on the North Shore being on their surfboards and in the water!  My favorite nights are when Oahu engagement photos turn into an in the water shoot! 

I 100000% had to blog and share this shoot! I don’t blog and share with the world every single photo captured. As a wedding photographer, I take hundreds upon hundreds of photos of clients. There are certain moments that I feel the need to showcase those with the world. This day was one of those sessions I needed to share with others! 

Crysta & Tama are dating and one of their favorite hobbies to do together is SURFING. I was so excited to get in the water with them and capture these special moments for them! They also had the cutest matching butterflies on their surfboards! The fact that I got to capture their love for one another as well as their love for the ocean makes me so appreciative.

Our home here in Hawaii has so much to offer. My couples and I all have a deep love for Hawaii and the ocean. It is always so special and those shoots and memories by the ocean will always be some of my favs. 

I hope to get more in the water with my couples and experience this over and over again because I never get sick of it :’)

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Beach surf engagement photos

Oahu Engagement Photos | North Shore Hawaii Surf Photography Session


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