Top 5 Oahu Wedding Venues. This blog post is dedicated to the lovers considering getting married on Oahu Hawaii, to those couples that are adventurous, laidback, OBSESSED with both beach & greenery and thrive in bohemian style- THIS IS FOR YOU! I am here for the lovers that want a STUNNING venue, have been on the search for a long time and have yet to find anything TO DIE FOR-this is 100% dedicated to you. Helping you find your dream venue for one of the best days of your life and a resource to look back at continually as you plan your BIG DAY. I GOT YOU COVERED, LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!

I completely believe that the venue of your wedding is one of the most crucial aspects of getting married and is high on the priority list. Things to consider when making your decision are: does it fit your vibe? Can it fit all of the guests that you plan to invite? Lastly, does it offer the services you are looking for? When picking the BEST fit venue I highly suggest talking to your Wedding Coordinator (if you have one) and getting their perspective + input as they have most likely worked at the venue before.

When deciding on a venue a few questions I suggest asking yourself is:
-Does it fit my price/budget?
-Do they have the services + locations I am specifically looking for?
-Do they have additional fees tacked on or hidden fees?
-Do they allow outside vendors you choose or do they only allow vendors specifically for that venue?

I know how stressful it is jumping from venue to venue looking at all their websites and all the details so I decided to create a blog post tailored to my lovers looking for ONE common space to find a venue and are some of my absolute FAVORITE on Oahu, Hawaii. That way you can look back at this page from time to time when you’re venue scouting and have something to refer to in the process. I hope this helps you find the best fit venue for your WEDDING! I AM SO HERE FOR IT!


This is for sure a top pick of venues on Oahu Hawaii. They offer access to the beach as well as greenery and there are multiple phases of Lanikuhonua to cater to your needs by guest count and look you’re trying to achieve. This is for my couples with a larger guest count and looking to have family down the road in hotels at Ko Olina, this is a central place for your BIG DAY!

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Kualoa Ranch is equally as popular! Including multiple locations suited to you. Whether it’s jumping on a boat to Secret Island, going down to the gardens in Moli’I Gardens or my favorite venue with STUNNING mountains + overview of the beach: Paliku Gardens! This venue is also just a short walk away from the beach or a minute drive down. So versatile and offers BEAUTY everywhere!

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Hale Koa is an absolutely GORGEOUS venue for a more intimate wedding with fewer guests present. Also if your style is bohemian and tropical this look is for YOU! It offers a ceremony in the front and a reception in the back! Also with the venue comes a pool + hot tub no complaints! And lastly, it is a mansion so it has multiple rooms for guests and comes with a few days’ stay even after your BIG DAY! The perfect set up for family traveling to stay and have the best day everrr!




A high-end venue with the full EXPERIENCE from start to finish that is exactly what I think of when Ko Olina comes to mind! If you are specifically looking for a venue that offers indoor + outdoor services this is the pick! Typically the ceremony will be outside in the beyond STUNNING gardens surrounded by the mountains and the reception held indoors with a beautiful overlook through glass windows. Making for the PERFECT ultimate experience!



Last but definitely NOT LEAST. Sunset Ranch is on my top picks and can’t imagine NOT recommending this venue to all my lovers. From the gorgeous landscape offering miles & miles of greenery, overlooking Pupukea and utilizing the area for the full experience. This venue offers photos with horses, a barn for the reception area, or a beautiful garden if you decide to keep it outdoors AND to top it off during golden hour you can see the most gorgeous sunset ever!

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I cannot recommend these venues ENOUGH. I have experienced each of these locations on several occasions and each time I get to photograph one of these venues I am completely BLOWN AWAY by the surroundings, the services that come with them and lastly the overall EXPERIENCE from start to finish.

If you are looking for an EPIC WEDDING VENUE on Oahu, Hawaii have a look at each of these and tailor your decision to your needs and wants for your BIG DAY! Of course, this is personally my opinion from working with each as an experienced Wedding Photographer in the business for years on end. This is for my couples to refer to and be able to make their own personal decision, only after doing the proper education and planning on their end. I AM YOUR GIRL if you are looking to hire an experienced Wedding Photographer in the industry and can help guide you along the way! I AM HERE FOR YOU!

I hope this helps the planning process and gets you started DREAMING up the best day ever!! HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING!



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Top 5 Oahu Wedding Venues by Anela Benavides, Oahu Hawaii Wedding Photographer, includes wedding venues and tips for planning a wedding. #Weddingvenue #Weddingplanning

Top 5 Oahu Wedding Venues | Location Scouting


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