Need help posing couples? Wondering how to get real, raw authentic moments that don’t feel forced, stagnant or awkward!

The #1 question I’ve been getting lately: how the heck to pose couples?!?

So today, I’m going to give you 3 tips + tricks to get your couples moving, capturing real moments. This will help you to get the absolute BEST shots that represent them + tell their love story.


My absolute FAVORITE thing to do with my couples is give them prompts! Instead of asking them to hold hands and just stand there…LAME. I give them prompts or “situations” to reenact in their own way! One of my favorite prompts is, “act like you haven’t seen each other in YEARS, you’re in the airport about to see him/her and run up and embrace each other!” Instantly, my couples will run to each other full force and the girl will jump on him wrapping her legs around him, while the guy goes in for the most tender kiss of the shoot! Prompts like this make them think of exact moments or reenact scenarios in their head to be shown on camera!

If you have a couple that isn’t as intimate or romantic and likes to be bubbly. Have them do prompts such as, “whisper in her ear what you want to eat tonight in the weirdest voice possible” this gets them giggling and isn’t as intense as other prompts. Always feel out your couple’s vibe and specialize prompts to their love language!


I get it, I really do! Getting in front of the camera is INTIMIDATING! Not everyone will meet someone for the first time and straight away start posing + being vulnerable with them?!? This comes within time, communication and reassurance! What I love to do for my couples is throughout the entire process reassure them that what they’re doing is PERFECT. Whether it’s their outfit, reactions to my prompts, looks and so much more. Before I start shooting I love to have a little chat with them about how it’s okay to just get comfortable. To act like I’m not here and just do what feels NATURAL. You want the shoot to be fun, like you’re just hanging out. Not just sticking a black box in their face right away.

Throughout the shoot I will constantly compliment them saying how good they look or showing them the shots and what they look like. That way they feel confident and willing to share more with me, being vulnerable. By the end of the shoot I usually have my couples feeling like were just hanging out. They will totally forget about having to be in front of the camera!!!


I always always always try to be prepared for my shoot way before the day of. Whether it’s through communication and telling them what to expect for the day of or even chatting to them about the details of our session. It’s important not to just book clients because.

You need to be sure that both of your visions align. Making sure that your style of shooting fits and that both parties are the best fit! It’s like going into a shoot thinking it’s a bohemian theme session and finding out it’s a western cowboy session feel.

It needs to be clear what you offer and the clients you are trying to target! That way you get your dream clients + dream sessions!!!!!


I hope this all helps you photographers out there. Trust me, I have been there before. I want to be able to provide you with help to get your dream clients and serve my community! I also offer mentor sessions to help guide with posing/directing, editing, client communication and sooooo much more so if you’re highly interested hop on over to chat more with me!!!

And if you have a minute please leave me a comment on if this blog post was helpful and what you’d like to hear next?!?!



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