Glenn had a crush on Jade since middle school and had never built up the courage to take to Jade and in his head didn’t even think she knew he existed!!! He constantly got butterflies everytime she came around and secretly stalked her thru their years in middle school. It wasn’t until after high school did they officially meet for the VERY FIRST TIME. Jade had greeted him at a Graduation party and Glenn was utterly shocked that she has even known his name! After this it took several attempts to asking her out to FINALLY agree to go on a date with him!

The rest is history! These two instantly fell in love and 8 years later he took her on a suprise vacation to GREECE?! How insanely perfect is this omg!!! Her entire family and friends knew about what was to come but Jade had no idea! Glenn had planned a suprise proposal in the most EPIC location for them two! Clinging to the ring to keep it a secret, in his bag at all times! Finally, he got Jade to wake up at sunrise, hike to a rooftop overlooking the whole side of the island of Greece and asked her to marry him!!!!! (INSERT BAWLING EMOJI HERE)

If that isn’t enough here we are TODAY. At the most breathtaking venue on the North Shore of Hawaii. They said their I Do’s at Sunset Ranch surrounded by tons of family and friends overlooking and not to mention had their dog they are madly obsessed with, Nixon right next to their side! This day was filled with LOVE. From the beginning of Glenn and Jade crying at their first look to the ceremony being absolutely STUNNING to spending the sunset overlooking the North Shore while walking a HORSE into the night!!!! Can I just say: I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW. This Wedding was taken straight out of a fairytale and placed in my journey to capture the ENTIRE THING. I cannot explain how grateful I am for these two trusting me to be their third wheel the entire day, being soo freaking kind to me and having me witness the most breathtaking Wedding ever! I truly love what I do and the couples I get to spend time with! I am eternally grateful!



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Sunset Ranch Oahu Hawaii Wedding


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