Dream Wedding at Sunset Ranch in Oahu, Hawaii

This whimsical jungle sunset ranch wedding in Oahu, Hawaii was one of my favorite days ever!

These two have been together for 10 years, 2 beautiful kids later and now married! They met when Jana was 17 years old and young parents. So much of their story resonates with me and I’m so genuinely HAPPY for them! My fav part is just vibin with them allll day long and understanding their love story and showcasing exactly that. It really shows!

Jana said it best when I asked about their EPIC LOVE STORY.

She said, “I met Justin when I was only 17 years old and he was 20. I actually had a huge crush on him as he was one of those “cool breakdancing/hardstyling bad boys” LOL *cringe* but didn’t think he’d ever give me the time of day.. Until I met him at a dance competition that I ended up judging (because my uncle was hosting the competition at his buddy’s night club!) and I totally thought “ok, if I get my friends to let him win these concert tickets, it’ll give him a good impression about me!” and then… HE LOST. My friends out voted me and picked the other crew!! I was so upset!! Justin left RIGHT after I exchanged a quick greeting with him.. I was pretty bummed and thought “well there goes my shot” then I check my dm’s and THERE. HE. WAS.

hahahaha maybe the bad impression gave him a hard time forgetting about me (; we began talking. every. single. day. (side note: he was the one that gave ME his number, btw!)

 We’d start our mornings with good morning texts and we’d end our nights falling asleep on the phone together. He was the first person I called when I got my driver’s license! He then worked his way to getting a whole new car just to pick me up in a “nice ride” for our first date! Through the years, we really grew up with each other. I got pregnant at 18 years old with our first child, Jaelyn, giving birth to her at age 19. It was a crazy ride becoming a mom while I was just ending my teenage years. But through it all, Justin always fought for us. WE always fought for us. Making sure we could provide for the little family we created. Justin constantly reminds me, “We’ll get through it, no matter what, we always do. Together.” We really are best friends.

I’m in love with these two and their love for eachother. Just in awe how amazing these two are and parents to their two girls. Sending positivity their way for their journey ahead! So stoked I got to witness this love story come FULL CIRCLE.

Sunset Ranch Hawaii Wedding Vendors

Photographer / Anela Benavides Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Makeup / Beauté by Jana Lynn Guira

Hairstylists / Esther Claire

Jewelry / @eginc 

Wedding Dress / Bijou Bridal 

Tux / Men’s Wearhouse

Cake / A Cake Life 

Floral / La Flor Events

Wedding Signs /  4pm in Honolulu



jungle wedding ceremony at sunset ranch wedding

Sunset Ranch Wedding, Oahu – Hawaii Wedding Photographer


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