Booking With My Team: What It’s Like Working With An Associate

I get soooo many questions about what it’s like having a team, what it’s like to work with my team, and how does it work? What is the experience like? Do I still get to meet Anela? etc, etc. So, I’m here to break down the experience of what it’s like booking with my team and working with an associate – AKA a team member of mine. I got you!

What are we talking about? Associate photography

Let me break it down for you:

As much as I’d love to clone myself and be in two spots at once, it’s a lot easier with extra helping hands. I have a team of successful associates as well as second shooters and they’ve worked with me, been trained by me, and know exactly how to take care of my clients. Because of that, I pride myself on our entire team being born & raised in Hawaii, knowing the area well, being immersed in photography, and having years and years of experience. So I know my clients will always be in good hands 1000%.


This is a particularly good idea if:

-I am already booked out and you still want to work with me & my team
-I am not located in your area
-You want to avoid travel fees and get a discounted price while still having the opportunity to work with me.

Basically, my assistant program will act as my wing woman.

My associates are perfect if I’m already booked, not located in your area, or to get a slight discount while still getting to work with me.

I have a team of highly dedicated photographers that I trust and will take care of you regardless of where your big day is happening. So, they take the photos the day of & I do all the rest! I personally take care of all communication, client calls, editing, culling, planning, and delivering your gallery! The only difference is my associate takes the photos the day of. That’s it!

Where do I offer associate photography?




Big Island


Who is on my team?

If you want to meet our team members head on over to my website: Meet the team here!

How much of a discount do you get working with a team member?

As of right now if you work with a team member vs me you get a 1K savings (if not more) if it’s a travel/destination job. Which is a MASSIVE saving!!!

Q: Do I still get to meet you?

A: YES totally! I often hop on client calls over zoom so we meet virtually, and if you’re on island we can meet up for coffee or we can also book your engagement photos prior so we get to meet up + shoot prior to your big day! Whatever works best for you.

Q: Do you have examples of your team’s work?

A: Yes of course! I have endless examples on my website! Just to name a few this is all my teams work:






A sweet review from a client working with me & my team

“Anela and her team are brilliant. Not only is the photography magazine-esque, they were so professional and down-to-earth people. She and her partner were patient, understanding, and kind given the situation of the day. My husband and I do not get professional photography pictures done at all and they made us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera, we had fun with them. I can still imagine all the smiles they made as they photographed us and looking down at their photos. They photographed raw emotions, stunning candid moments and captured these memories beautifully for us. In love with the photos!!”

Let’s do the dang thing!

So, I hope this helped answer a bunch of your questions about associate photography, who we are, what we do, where we’re located, how it all works, what you get out of it, and how it’s allll possible. As a busy mama of soon to be 3 kids and a growing business this is the next best way to work with me and my team as we grow & expand! STOKED to bring you along this journey and share every part to get you inspired, motivated, and more!

Ready to create magic together? Reach out to me here!


Booking With My Team: The Experience


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