I see so many business owners making a huge mistake in how they price themselves – are you doing this as well? Below I dive into how to price yourself as a photographer and THRIVE in the industry!

So many people try to price off other photographers in the area and that is NOT how you should be priced. Everyone and their circumstance are different and unique, so should your PRICING. So price according to you and your biz!

What NOT to do:

This is how photographers starting out typically price: looking around at the competition, comparing your work to other photographers in the area, and then finding something in the middle to price. Is this what you’re doing as well?

What TO do:

This is what you SHOULD be doing when pricing: Factoring in your break-even point, including your basic needs in business, including your tax percentage, and factoring in your goal income for the year as well as per client. You might be coming to a realization that this is RELATABLE AF. That you’ve been pricing exactly with what you’re supposed to NOT do. I help photographers recognize the gap in their business knowledge & education and UPLEVEL their biz asap! It’s okay that you don’t know everything from the jump.

That is super common so don’t kick yourself for it. I’m here to help and I’ve helped over 50+ photographers in the Beginners Photography Course price themselves, get a legal business set up, edit photos, take gorg photos, get booked out, and sooo much more!

Another mistake made by so many photographers:

PRICING based on the shoot time itself. For example, you’re charging $350 for 1 hour of a shoot. But does it really take you 1 hour to shoot, edit, drive, travel, email communication, etc? NOPE, we both know it takes a lot longer than “1 hour to shoot”.

There is another way to do it:

Price is based on the TOTAL AMOUNT of time that it takes you to complete the job from start to finish. A 1-hour shoot isn’t just a 1-hour shoot it’s everything in between. From emailing to planning, to travel time to shooting, editing, delivering the gallery, and so forth. Figure out how many hours total it takes for a session and factor in what you want your hourly rate to be.

My pricing for example:

I charge $800 for a couples session which is 1 hour of shooting time. BUT factored into that is 10 hours total from start to finish to include editing time, traveling, emailing, client calls, blogging, and social media just for that ONE SESSION. So I make $80 per hour of work to complete 10 hours of work. Find what works for you and your non-negotiable hourly rate you’d feel comfortable with. I promise this will help a TON!

Moving forward:

If you’re still unsure how to price and want to get into the nitty-gritty of figuring out your pricing, creating a pricing guide and my top recs to getting BOOKED I GOT YOU COVERED!

In this course, you will go from feeling like you’re not good enough & questioning yourself as a business owner. Dabbling as a hobbyist, getting price shopped in a few weeks to being your own boss, and having a successful photography business set up. Over 2+ hours of jam-packed knowledge, recommendations, and guidance to never leave you hanging. Giving you exactly what you need to uplevel your business as a beginner!

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How to Price Yourself as a Photographer


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