This blog post has been highly requested by both clients and/or photographers trying to decide what is the absolute BEST outfit for a photo session! And let’s be real- for all my girls out there, this is about the HARDEST decision you have to make when taking photos am I right?! By the time you’re done reading this you will have gotten an absolute clear idea on how to pick the PERFECT outfit no matter what the occasion of photo shoot and be able to feel confident, sexy and your absolute BEST in front of the camera!
Like they say: “You look good, you feel good, you play good!” and that’s exactly what we want!
1.     FUNCTIONALITY: Alright, first things first! We of course have to start with the most important factor- is your outfit practical for your photo shoot?! No really, think about it. If you are going to do a wildly adventurous session on top on a cliff would you wear a sheer dress that you can hardly walk in, let alone barely hike in?!? I SURE HOPE NOT. I cannot stress this enough, think about the session you have booked. Whether it is on top of a mountain, jumping in the water, frolicking thru greenery and so forth. It is best to consider your surroundings and how you will be able to MOVE. Movement is so crucial to me and getting you to be more candid than awkward prom poses okay?  So make sure you find the BEST dress or outfit that doesn’t get you any nip slips, flashing the camera, or unable to completely move. You can practice jumping on your other half, running in your outfit, twirling around and seeing if you can completely move! Being practical is always the absolute BEST, aside from just looks because what good is a dress if you can barely even move, AM I RIGHT?
Outfit guide - what to wear
2.     COMPLEMENTARY: This isn’t a one man show. I capture Couples, Engagements, Bridals and/or Weddings ALL including their other half. Please don’t forget that you two need to match each other and well!
(The best colors that I have found works with my editing style is: White, Black, Maroon, Red, Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Grey)
Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that you need to match each other instead of just putting on your go-to favorite outfit but I would highly suggest setting aside your outfit days before your session. Also trying them on before to make sure they coordinate well together. I highly suggest NOT wearing outfits that are hard to differentiate on camera such as: small designs that you are unable to see from far away, the same color as your other half just different shades (ex. Baby blue + Navy Blue), glittery or sparkle outfits that reflect off of the sun and lastly busy outfits with more than 3+ colors in one outfit.
Outfit guide - what to wear
3.     SCENERY: THIS IS A BIG ONE! When shooting at a specific location or scenery you want to be able to coordinate your outfits with the surroundings. When going to a location of your choice be sure that you want to STAND OUT and not blend in with the background. For example: say you are going to shoot at a lush greenery gardens, you wouldn’t want to wear dark green or dark brown and blend into the background. I suggest wearing outfits that stand out such as lush greenery with white or light blue for your other half. At the beach with rocks I would suggest a maroon dress and dark grey or white shirt and so forth. Just consider where you will be taking photos and if you have multiple locations factor in what you will wear for that exact location compared to the next location always staying on top of it!
4.     YOU ARE THE FOCUS: Let’s not get it twisted! You are the focus. You are the reason behind the photos. You are the absolute most important subject to me when capturing photos! I want my clients to feel loved, I want my clients to feel like themselves, I want my clients to feel their absolute BEST and dang CONFIDENT! Picking the “perfect” outfit might be really hard. I want you to pick something that makes you feel good with your curves, compliments your smile, shows off your figure and has you saying “yasssssss”! THAT IS MY GOAL. You are the focus and do not forget that! When looking back at your photos I want you to be saying, this is ME. Photos that will help you remember your day best!
Outfit guide - what to wear
I hope this helped all of you so much! I know it is stressful whether you are picking out your Wedding Gown, the outfit your other half’s going to propose to you in and so much more. It is an important time, I get that! I fully support that and am here for it 100%! I hope these little tips + tricks help you plan your day and have you knowing EXACTLY what you want to wear and feel like when taking your photos.
My wish is that you find that close to “perfect” outfit! My wish is that you and your love focus on each other and feel your BEST! NO MATTER WHAT! If you want me to be your third wheel for that special day, let’s chat! I want to tell your story HOW IT SHOULD BE TOLD! xx

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