WOW where do I even start?! I have known Kaila for such a long time and is a fellow photographer here on Oahu Hawaii! We first met through Instagram, following each other’s work, admiring and always keeping up to date! Eventually, we decided to meet up for the first time to shoot with each other! I remember picking up Kaila and hoping she wasn’t freaked out by the total stranger coming to hang! lol
Eventually, we developed an AMAZING friendship!! Working together, shooting all the time, being friends in and out of business and always being there for one another. My husband is also friends with Kaila’s fiance Lima! They met at BYUH and quickly became friends playing basketball and hanging around the same crowd. I am SO HAPPY for Kaila & Lima. From new found friends to long term friends to now being able to capture this moment just days before getting married!
I freaking love them so much!!!! My husband tagged along on the session and giving some moral support while I had the BEST time getting to direct them and get some EPIC shots in the water to end the night. I love how down to earth they are, always down for whatever (including getting soaking wet) and just so utterly in love with each other! I CANNOT WAIT to see this Bride + Groom make it OFFICIAL!!!!!! xx

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Engagement session on the coast of Oahu, Hawaii at Waimea Bay by Anela Benavides

Kaila + Lima’s Engagement Photos | Waimea Bay, Oahu


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